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I have been tasked with inserting and re-sizing several hundred images to a powerpoint. I need to use a particular source format that is similar to other power points used by our company.

I have been playing around with activepython's win32com API's and I have figured out how to open up a file and create a blank slide.

My question is how would I go about inserting an image and resizing it to whatever size I need(the images will be the only thing on each page). Also I am trying to use my company's theme for the background and title page but this is not as important as getting the images on page and re-sized.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Thanks everyone! very helpful, just processed 500+ images in less then a minute. –  Corey Sep 2 '11 at 17:17

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I got this from the page Xavier referred to:

Pict1 = Slide1.Shapes.AddPicture(FileName=pictName, LinkToFile=False, SaveWithDocument=True, Left=100, Top=100, Width=200, Height=200)

That will work if your original images are square; otherwise, it will distort them.

Better to specify -1 for the width and height. Then PPT will insert them at their "natural" size (whatever PPT might decide that is ... not important for present purposes). Then you can read the shape's size to determine its aspect ratio and make sure that stays constant if you change the size or you can set the shape's .LockAspectRatio property to true and adjust either height or width and the other will auto adjust to maintain the aspect ratio.

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Firstly I would resize them first before insertion using PIL python imaging library. In general mucking about with any office image processing has been uniformly awful for me so I would not recommend it

secondly the object model examples in vba found in PowerPoint help or online are usually all you need to get a long way

from memory the insert was pretty easy -


however exact positioning I do not remember and I am afraid I don't have ppt here to try out. If I get achance later I will post some references

Good luck with the docs

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you should use Shapes.AddPicture as described here http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/python/python/754236

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