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I'm parsing some text input to xml using jdom. It have structure like:

  <text>Some description</text>
  <options .... />
  <text>Some description 2</text>
  <options .... />

Then, I need a regular w3c.dom object. I'm using this code:

    DOMOutputter domOutputter = new DOMOutputter();
    org.w3c.dom.Document w3cDoc = domOutputter.output( doc );

I'm creating element with this code:

Element desc = new Element("tekst");
String description = //some function returning string

Where e is new Element("item")

It works fine, but problem is when in "description" user inserts some xml tags. I'd like to handle it. I have output like:


Is there any way to automaticaly parse those tags when creating Element? From the w3cDoc I'm creating Source with DOMSource and it's needed for further transformation. Maybe there should I replace escaped brackets?



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Have you looked at

specifically at

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I want to do the oposite thing to "escape". I want to get output of last example to be: <text><bold>....</bold></text>. – dce Sep 5 '11 at 8:30

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