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I have a home built computer that's about four years old. I've been having some strange problems with it in the last two weeks, but the strangest is that sometimes, when I turn it on, it will begin to power up (hard drives spin up, fans come on), then suddenly it just dies. Almost as if the sudden power load is too much for the power supply. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas what the problem might be?

In case you're interested, the other problems are frequent blue screens (referencing nvlddmkm.sys), and occasionally the OS will hang and the screens will display strange wavy lines all across them.

I have an Intel Motherboard with a Core 2 Duo E6400, GeForce 7300GT video card, and a "sparkle" ATX-300GT 300W power supply.

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There are quite a few potential problems that I've seen listed when I've looked into this for a computer that had the same behaviour, including but not limited to: Power supply is faulty. Memory (RAM) has corrupted sectors (this does apparently cause reboots and blue screens) Hard drive failure.

If you have spare components, you may want to try swapping out each of those to see what the issue is.

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Thanks for the helpful info. I'm definitely thinking that it's a power supply problem at a minimum, so that's probably where I'll start. –  FlyingDeveloper Sep 2 '11 at 14:43

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