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Consuming a web service seems pretty straight forward in .net, you create the proxy and then use in code. The web service I am trying to hit has token security, so straight out of MSDN documentation I created the following method:

    public void SecureMessage(SoapEnvelope envelope, Security security)
        X509SecurityToken signatureToken = GetSecurityToken("CN=WSE2QuickStartClient");
        if (signatureToken == null)
            throw new SecurityFault("Message Requirements could not be satisfied.");

        // Add the security token.                
        // Specify the security token to sign the message with.
        MessageSignature sig = new MessageSignature(signatureToken);


My question is, how can I use this method and call the web service? Has anyone done this before? I wouldn't think it that difficult, but must admit I am stumped here.

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1) Did you ever find a solution to this? 2) Are you using WSE 3? 3) Can you please provide the link to the MSDN documentation? –  iggymoran Sep 16 '11 at 14:46
Hey Iggy, I didn't have the proper test environment so eventually gave this up. :( –  Mark Kadlec Sep 27 '11 at 23:39
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