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I'm doing this query in an entity model that contains the .net membership tables

var q = from u in context.aspnet_Users.Include("aspnet_Membership")
                from ud in context.UserDetails
                where u.UserId == ud.UserId
                && ud.CompanyID == CompanyID
                select u;

Variable CompanyID contains the id of the company I want to get the users out of. Table UserDetails is a custom table to relate user to company and other stuff.

My problem is that property aspnet_Membership in the final object is null even though the user exists. Any ideas to why?

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Include doesn't work with Joins (stupid, I know):


Use a projection as suggested above OR cast your results IQueryable back to an ObjectQuery and include on that:

q = ((ObjectQuery<aspnet_User>)q).Include("aspnet_Membership");
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Very strange indeed... Well, your cast solution worked out great! Thank you very much =] –  Luís Sousa Sep 2 '11 at 15:55

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