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I want to learn one between VHDL an VERILOG.

Which do you think is easier to begin with? Can Verilog and VHDL be mixed in the same project?

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1) I think you can find almost the same amount of resources. Maybe a bit more for Verilog but not something trivial. If you need to find a core I suggest you check out http://opencores.org/

2) Difficulty is similar I guess... I know VHDL better but Verilog is readable. The concept is very similar. Perhaps if you come from SW, Verilog will look a little more familiar to you because it has a syntax close to C programming language. However yo have to consider that is a totally different approach: "[it] is not programming... all is executed in parallel... you are designing hardware"... so be aware that you have mainly to understand and concentrate on the different paradigm... syntax I would say will be the least problem!

If you want to learn VHDL there is a free short book called the VHDL CookBook

And as I just saw in other post, I can confirm the fact that VHDL is mainly adopted in Europe while Verilog in USA. Depending on where are you working this may impact your decision.

3) They can be easily mixed within the same project.

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They can be mixed, but it does cause headaches. Also, mixed verilog/vhdl simulators like vcs-mx don't perform well as vcs. –  Ross Rogers Sep 2 '11 at 17:31

Verilog is definitively easier to learn for a software developer. It has many common things with C (syntactically).

As far as I saw Verilog is more popular for application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), where VHDL is more popular for FPGAs.

Also, it seems to me that VHDL is generally more popular in Europe, whereas Verilog is more popular in USA.

Some books, notably HDL Chip Design by Douglas J Smith is teaching both VHDL and Verilog -- so you can see the difference yourself, and choose the best language for you along the way.

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