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Is there a way to project objects from a jQuery selection? As a simplified example, let's say I want an array of objects, corresponding to my page's anchors; in each object, txt refers to the anchor's text, and val refers to the data-id attr therein.

var result = [];
$("a").each(function(i, o) {     
    result.push({ txt: $(o).text(), val: $(o).data("id") }); 

Is it possible to do something like a C# Select:

    function(i, o) { return { txt: $(o).text(), val: $(o).data("id") }; 
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You could use the .map() method to project a set:

doSomething($("a").map(function(o, i) { 
    return { txt: $(o).text(), val: $(o).data("id") }; 

Remark: notice that the index and element parameters are inversed in the anonymous callback compared to the .each method. Don't ask why :-) If you don't care about the index you could simply omit them and do this:

doSomething($("a").map(function() { 
    return { txt: $(this).text(), val: $(this).data("id") }; 
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THAT'S what I was trying to remember. Thank you! –  Adam Rackis Sep 2 '11 at 15:17
You'll probably want a get on the end of that, since map (inexplicably) returns a jQuery wrapper around the array rather than the actual array. (This is mentioned in the map documentation.) –  T.J. Crowder Jan 12 '12 at 22:54

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