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I have a table with structure:

id|name|       date
 1|qwer|2011-08-29 13:11:59
 2|wert|2011-08-29 13:11:59
 3|erty|2011-08-30 13:11:59
 4|rtyu|2011-08-31 13:11:59

I need a query to show data like this:

    day   |number_of_entries
2011-08-29|                2
2011-08-30|                1
2011-08-31|                1
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Heh, this was simple: select date_format(date, "%Y-%m-%d") as 'day', count(id) as 'count' from table group by date_format(date, "%Y-%m-%d") – freezethrower Sep 2 '11 at 15:26

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Using the GROUP BY function and the COUNT function gives the following:

SELECT DATE(`date`), COUNT(*) AS number_of_entires
FROM tablename
ORDER BY `date`

GROUP BY - MySQL Reference Manual

DATE - MySQL Reference Manual

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Bear in mind that this doesn't cater for days where there've been no entries - so, you will never have 2011-08-29 | 0 – eithedog Apr 9 '14 at 10:19
SELECT   DATE(`date`) AS day,
         COUNT(*)     AS number_of_entries
FROM     mytable

Use MySQL's DATE() function.

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