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I am trying to set up source server for debugging projects that are stored on Kiln/Mercurial repository.

I need to get revision of the file by following data:

  • Local file path in the repository;
  • Number of revision;
  • URL repository.

Can I do this via URL? Or there is another workaround for the issue?

P.S. I'd prefer to avoid using Kiln API if possible.

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Kiln has its own StackExchange site. This should be asked there: kiln.stackexchange.com –  Tim Henigan Sep 2 '11 at 15:39

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If you aren't opposed to parsing the HTML, you can find the string with the changeset hash by visiting the following URL:

http://<Kiln URL>/File/<path from hg root>/<filename>/rev=<rev #>

In the resulting HTML, you can search for:

<a class="changeset" href="long path" rev="rev you want">

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Hi Tim. Thanks for reply. But the proposed approach is not sufficient because of two reasons: it requires user to be authenticated via forms authentication; it returns html representation of file instead of the original one. –  klashar Sep 5 '11 at 11:55
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I was able to accomplish this solution using Kiln API.

There is awesome .Net library that wraps all call to Kiln API called Kiln.Net

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