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JSF 1.1, using a backing bean with a nested objects inside I can read all properties of the nested object.

For example assuming a backing bean named "foo" with a nested object "bar" can I set/write via h:form all the properties of foo.bar?

I mean something like this:

            h:inputText value="#{myBean.mySelectedReport.someProp}" /

and this in the backing bean:

        public SomeObject getMySelectedReport() {...}

but when I sent it to the correct backing bean it doesn't store the value of the someProp value

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Nice, I can answer by myself as I solved by myself: if useful for others having the same problem the problem is the JSF 1.1 wildcard on "from-view-id", for example "/ajax/uiChannel*" match only pages without any query params into the "from url", only this one "/ajax/uiChannel.jsp?*" and "/ajax/uiChannel*?*" wildcard seems to work

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