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I have been facing with a serious issue since weeks! I want to track all the clicks done in a Android webview. I know, the solution is implementing WebViewClient, but that doesn't track the clicks done in frames!

Example -

When you open a website within google translate, webviewclient doesn't track clicks made in the translated page!

Secondly, even when using Android 3.0, when i open, it shows Google instant i think, and i am unable to track that url!

I'll be very very thankful if you can help me with this.

Thanks Nithin

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If it is your own Web content, you should track this in JavaScript.

If it is not your own Web content, it's conceivable you could cook up some general-purpose JavaScript for this and apply it via loadUrl("javascript:...") and addJavascriptInterface(), but I wouldn't know the details, as I'm not a low-level JS+DOM expert.

WebViewClient itself does not handle all scenarios, as you note, and it is the only pure Java solution I know of.

share|improve this answer's not my own web content :( – nithinreddy Jan 22 '12 at 9:56

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