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We're adding unit tests to previously untested code, as the need arises to modify that code. It's difficult to get useful coverage metrics since the majority of code in any package is known to be untested.

Are there any tools available to measure differential code coverage, that is, the percent of code modified in a given changeset which was covered by a unit test?

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for .net I've used NCoverCop sourceforge.net/projects/ncovercop which compares the xml output of ncover. Perhaps it could be adapted to your java output or there is a java equivalent. –  Shaun Wilde Sep 2 '11 at 21:32

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Continuous integration tools like Jenkins let you keep a history of test coverage and show you a graph that includes a coverage trend compared to previous builds. Example: Cobertura Jenkins Plugin

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We're using Cobertura and Jenkins, and it's helpful to a point. But we'd like to be able to see the coverage of new/changed code (i.e., 80% of delta code, compared to 1% of all code). Being able to dig into individual packages/classes helps some, too, but only if you know which packages/classes have been modified. –  Michael Brewer-Davis Sep 2 '11 at 17:31

Take a look into Sonar, really good tool to analyze entire application quality and coverage.

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