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I'm new to editing html with VIM. I'm using matchit, ultisnips and surround to help me along the way.

One area which I can't seem to accomplish easily is editing attributes.

I want to go from: (cursor is |)

<input type="submit|" name="some_name" value="" id="some_name">


<input type="submit" id="submit_button">

What is the fastest way to do this? Right now, I'm doing a lot of 'f' based searches.

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To delete an entire attribute I use dwxda". dw to delete the attribute name, x to delete the =, then da" to delete everything inside the quotes, and the quotes themselves. – Will Oct 24 '12 at 21:44
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Possible solutions


This method requires counting so maybe you would rather do wdW and just hit . until it is correct.

wd/ id<cr>

Moves to the next word so the start of name=".." the delete with d til / id. This solution can also delete across lines. You can use /... with other operators as well, e.g. c, y, and =.

Of course you can do the method you are using currently with f and just repeat with .

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For your example, I would use: wdw.....wwci"submit_button

  • w to move at the end of the current w
  • dw to erase a "word"
  • then . to repeat the last command and erase as many word as you want.
  • ww to move quickly between the "
  • ci" to change content inside "
  • submit_button
  • ESC

See :help text-objects for more explanation on ciw. (please not there is a tag text object so you can things like cit to change content of a tag quickly.

You could probably use something like wd4w but you have to be sure beforehand that you want to erase 4 words.

Have you heard about Zencoding.vim ?

This is plugin designed to quickly write html or css.

I am not sure there are features to edit, but to write new codes it beats everything.

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Thanks; I'll try Zencoding for html generation. – Thakur Sep 2 '11 at 18:05

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