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I have tow table : article,sub_categories how to convert this query to zend Db query join


SELECT article.*, sub_categories.name_arabic AS sub_category_name_arabic, sub_categories.name_english AS sub_category_name_english, article.sub_category_id AS sub_categories_id FROM article LEFT JOIN sub_categories ON article.sub_category_id = sub_categories.id WHERE article.active = 1 ";

Please need help

Thanks with regard

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This should do the trick:

   ->from('article', array('*', 'sub_categories_id' => 'sub_category_id')
        'article.sub_category_id = sub_categories.id',
        array('sub_category_name_arabic' => 'name_arabic', 'sub_category_name_english' => 'name_english'))
   ->where('article.active = 1');
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