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Is it possible in php to load a function, say from a external file to include in a class. I'm trying to create a loader for helper functions so that I could call:


after that it should be able call the function in file like this:


Thanks for any help

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$registry is just a class to store functions and variable for global access. –  saint Apr 8 '09 at 6:30

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Setting aside opinions it it's good OOP design. It's possible even with current version of PHP, although not as clean, as it can be with PHP5.3.

class Helper {
    /* ... */
    function load($file) {
    function __call($functionName, $args) {
         return call_user_func_array($functionName, $args);

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You might want to use call_user_func_array(), in your example the function would be passed all the arguments in one array argument –  Tom Haigh Apr 8 '09 at 9:42
@tomhaigh: right, corrected. –  vartec Apr 8 '09 at 10:03
Thats exactly what I was looking for –  saint Apr 16 '09 at 2:57

ok, 1st, i agree that this is bad manners. also, in 5.3, you could use the new closure syntax with the __call magic word to use operators as functions (JS style).

now, if we want to supply a way of doing this you way, i can think of using create_fnuction, mixed with the __call magic.

basically, you use a regex pattern to get convert the functions into compatible strings, and put themin a private member. than you use the __call method to fetch them. i'm working on a small demo.

ok, here is the class. i got the inspiration from a class i saw a few weeks ago that used closures to implement JS-style objects:

 * supplies an interface with which you can load external functions into an existing object
 * the functions supplied to this class will recive the classes referance as a first argument, and as 
 * a second argument they will recive an array of supplied arguments.
 * @author arieh glazer <arieh.glazer@gmail.com>
 * @license MIT like 
class Function_Loader{
     * @param array holder of genarated functions
     * @access protected
    protected $_funcs = array();

     * loads functions for an external file into the object
     * a note- the file must not contain php tags.
     * @param string $source a file's loaction
     * @access public
    public function load($source){
    	$ptrn = '/function[\s]+([a-zA-Z0-9_-]*)[\s]*\((.*)\)[\s]*{([\w\s\D]+)}[\s]*/iU';
    	$source = file_get_contents($source);
    	$names = $matches[1];
    	$vars = $matches[2];
    	$funcs = $matches[3];
    	for ($i=0,$l=count($names);$i<$l;$i++){
    		$this->_funcs[$names[$i]] = create_function($vars[$i],$funcs[$i]);

    public function __call($name,$args){
    	if (isset($this->_funcs[$name])) $this->_funcs[$name]($this,$args);
    	else throw new Exception("No Such Method $name");

limitations- 1st, the source cannot have any php tags. 2nd, functions will always be public. 3rd- we can only mimic $this. what i did was to pass as a 1st argument $this, and the second is the array of arguments (which is a 4th limition). also, you will not be able to access non-public members and methods from within the class. an example for a source file:

function a($self,$arr=array()){
    //assuming the object has a member called str
    echo $self->str;

this was a fun exercise for me, but a bad practice all in all

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So you want to not just include a file, but include it into an object's scope?


I think you're going about this the wrong way. It makes more sense if the registry object has a series of helper members, which have functions of their own. The net result might look something like this:


With careful use of {} syntax, you should be able to dynamically add member objects to your god object.

At this point it's worth noting that a god object is almost invariable an anti-pattern. If you need those functions globally, use a bootstrapping include technique and put then in global scope. If you need to pass that data around, then either pass it to functions as required or store it in a database and retrieve it elsewhere.

I know that god object really looks like a good idea, but I promise you it will make things a mess later on.

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Thanks for the input. These helper functions may increase invariably. So I want them only loaded when needed. It will be great if somebody could point in the right direction. Something like CI helpers –  saint Apr 8 '09 at 6:48
Might I suggest you crack open the CodeIgniter codebase, then? If that's your idea model, then it sounds like a good starting point. –  Kalium Apr 8 '09 at 6:57

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