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I want to make a class in a library that will, upon request, do a complicated interaction with the user. The app that initializes the library will not provide any info like its UIWindow or anything. Is this technically possible? I know I can do a simple popup but what about something that needs to be constructed on the fly? Thanks.

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Use UIViewController for any complex user interaction. In order to present a view controller modally, you'll have to find a suitable parent view controller. You can get access to the app's root view controller using the -rootViewController method of UIWindow like that:

NSArray *windows = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] windows];
UIViewController *rootViewController = (windows.count > 0) ? [[windows objectAtIndex:0] rootViewController] : nil;
if (rootViewController)
    // Present your view controller modally
    // Unable to present any view controller

You can also provide a delegate method and use this to get a view controller:

- (UIViewController *) rootViewControllerForComplexClass:(id)complexClass;  

In your library you have access to the delegate and access the view controller like that:

UIViewController *rootViewController = [self.delegate rootViewControllerForComplexClass:self];
// Present your view controller modally
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I'm not using -keyWindow, because typically you only have one UIWindow, which is declared in your UIApplicationDelegate class and that is always the window at index 0 and not the topmost! –  Fabian Kreiser Sep 2 '11 at 18:38

Your library will have access to singletons like [UIApplication sharedApplication], so if you want to present something to the user, you can just add your view to the window directly:

- (void)addViewToWindow:(UIView *)aView
    UIWindow *mainWindow = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow];
    [mainWindow addSubview:aView];

Perhaps a better way would be to present it modally from within a view controller, though.

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Can I create a view controller and add that to the window, and then call its method to start a modal interaction? –  ShoeFly Sep 2 '11 at 18:28
Yes, but if that's the route you're going, I think you should reconsider your options. Why not have users of your library present your view controller themselves with -presentModalViewControllerAnimated:? –  Cameron Spickert Sep 2 '11 at 22:01

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