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Presently because of "onchange" the editor contents are submitted only if the contents of editor change. How do I make sure that the dojo editor contents are submitted everytime a form a submitted irrespective of whether a change has occurred or not?

Code snippet:

  <input type="hidden" name="editorContent" id='editorContent' value="replaced by dijit.Editor content onsubmit" /> 
  <div dojoType="dijit.Editor" id="content" onChange="dojo.byId('editorContent').value = this.getValue();"     plugins="['foreColor','|','bold','italic','underline','|','createLink', 'unlink']"                 extraPlugins="['dijit._editor.plugins.AlwaysShowToolbar']">                     
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You could write a simple onSubmit handler to do this, though the way you have the code structured, initializing the hidden field to the loaded value should accomplish the same thing.

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