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This is the code which has problem:

QMessageBox::information(this, "Connexion Open", "Connexion BD Ok!");
QSqlQuery req;
req.exec("SELECT * FROM reservation");
while( {
    float id = req.value(0).toFloat();
    text2->setText("  "+QString::number(id)+" " );

The message "Connexion BD Ok!" appears perfectly. How can I retrieve the result of the DB knowing that the DBMS(SGBD) is SQLite?

Thank You

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You are already retrieving the result of the query in the while loop. What is your question? – hamstergene Sep 2 '11 at 19:00

It looks like you are already retrieving the id, so I'm guessing that your question is how you connect to a sqlite database in the first place with Qt. You typically specify the database when you are connecting. Something like:

QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase(ntr("QSQLITE"));
QFileInfo dbPath(pathToDb, dbFileName);

if (! {
    qDebug() << ntr("Could not open database:") << db.databaseName();
if (db.isOpenError()) {
    QSqlError err = db.lastError();
    qDebug() << ntr("Last error:") << err.text();
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