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I'm using the Facebook C# SDK to post items to the wall. I can post to the user's wall itself as the user, I can post to the group page / fan page but it appears as it comes from the admin and not the application. What I want to do is have the post appear as if it came from the application and not the admin - what am I doing wrong?

I request the following permissions: publish_stream,manage_pages,offline_access

Here is a code snippet:

                var fb2 = new FacebookOAuthClient(FacebookApplication.Current);
            dynamic resultt = fb2.GetApplicationAccessToken();
            var appAccessToken = resultt.access_token;

            dynamic parameters = new ExpandoObject();
                parameters.access_token = appAccessToken;
       = "";
                parameters.picture = "";
       = "TEST";
                parameters.caption = "Test!";
                parameters.description = "Just another test.";
                parameters.from = AppID; 
       = PageID;
                parameters.actions = new
                    name = "TEST",
                    link = "",

                FacebookClient appp = new FacebookClient(appAccessToken);
                var result = appp.Post("/" + AppID + "/feed", parameters);
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After reading through the facebook documentation and the post here, I got it figured out.

Basically after getting the access_token from the accounts for the page id, you can post as the page itself.

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