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In my Ruby on Rails application, I am using xsltproc command-line tools. These work on my development machine, but are not working on Heroku, the deployment platform I am using. I asked Heroku support a question about it, and here is what they said:

Hi– can you try compiling xsltproc as a standalone static binary and deploy that as part of your application?

If I knew what that meant, I probably wouldn't be here. I am guessing it means make a file with all the xsltproc code and call that for the xsltproc commands. I have no idea how to do that. Can anyone help?

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If anyone wants to use xsltproc command-line tools on Heroku, don't do it. I was able to use the Nokogiri gem, along with the built in XPath functions to do everything I need.

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