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I used the package.el for emacs-23 file provided by technomancy on github and while I'm able to list the packages, whenever press "i" to install the package emacs simply moves the cursor to the next line. When I press "enter" on the package a new buffer opens showing an "install" button. When I click the button it downloads the package file/directory but doesn't seem to install it. For example, when I tried to install color-theme it downloaded the color-theme directory (and files) but I can't set or use color theme. Anyone know what could be wrong?

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Since the migration of GNU Emacs to Git all references to blobs on SVN-derived Git repos have changed. The new URL for the last emacs-23 compatible package.el is: <git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/…; –  Greg A. Woods Dec 19 '14 at 1:30

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I know it doesn't exactly answer your specific question, but I have had a wonderful time using el-get to install and manage elisp code in my emacs install.

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For me, the following steps work fine. Mark packages using the 'i' key -- letter 'I' appears at the front of each package. Then press the 'x' key to install marked packages.

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That is what OP apparently already did and really equivalent to the steps performed in the GUI. –  pmr Oct 30 '12 at 0:20

Since you are using Emacs 23, you have to add a "require" to your init.el file.

To enable color-theme, you would add (require 'color-theme) to your init.el. I also downloaded a specific color theme (the wombat theme) and enabled it by having the line (color-theme-wombat) under the require line.

That way, Emacs always loads up with the wombat color theme.

I believe, this is not necessary in Emacs 24, and all this happens automatically.

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