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I was playing around with Hudson on my development computer and ran into an issue where one of my automated unit tests has to create a QApplication in order to test a subclass of QWidget. Since hudson is running without X, this fails. The error log reads unknown: cannot connect to X server.

Is there a way for me to perform these tests automated using Hudson or a similar CI system? The library I'm using prevents me from separating this code under test from the QWidget.

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Try launching some X server. Remember that it doesn't have to physically display anything--a VNC server will be enough. Then, set $DISPLAY environment variable in your hudson instance to point to the VNC server.

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While I ended up splitting the code so that I could test the meat of it without the slow down involved in creating a QApplication and QWidgets, I also found the Xvnc plugin for Hudson which does exactly what this suggested. –  Corey D Sep 12 '11 at 22:23

Unless they have the facilities required by the unit test, them passing or not is not useful information. What are you really testing at that point?

  • Conditionally compile the unit tests to not include them. If you had Mac specific code, you wouldn't test it on Windows.


  • Fix the unit tests
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