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I will have about 17 views to create with a custom navigation footer for each containing 3 buttons, each button is customised and not the standard, no wI can do this as I have done with a IB etc but what I would really like to do to learn more etc would be to have a custom class/view that only contains my footer navigation, so then I can then call this in for each view created saving time from doing them in IB.

I have had ago but form an earlier post I am having issues with the dynamically created buttons. So my question here is whats the best way to create this, via a class or can i create just this in IB and then import to each view/page.

The footer has a prev btn item btn and a next btn, if i can create this so to be able to import then I would pass two vars so that the prev and next buttons know which page they go to.

Any links to creating custom classes / view or help will be much appreciated.


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Anytime you've got an assembly of UI objects you are using over and over, making a nib (or xib or whatever they're calling these days) is definitely the way to go.

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Thanks fro the reply. –  Simon Davies Sep 2 '11 at 21:06
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