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This question is regarding logging in C++ with Pantheios library. In my application, I need to have these different loggers:

  • One that logs the critical messages to logFile1 and to Console
  • One that logs the warning messages to logFile2
  • One that logs the error messages to WindowsEventLog

    I'm wondering if I can do it in panthios.

    I guess my question is: How can I have different settings (like severity levels, different filenames) for different log entries.

    Also, do we have any logging hierarchies here in Pantheios that I can use for my different subsystems?

    Can I change these configurations at runtime?

Thanks, Reza

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What you may be after is Extended Severity Information. These two links might help: * * severity_information_2example_8cpp_8misc_8extended__sea251715135bb302f75cbc1fd50584869.html">

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