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Im trying to do something like this

$u = \Entity\UserQuery::create()->where('User.Username = ?', "john")->findOne();

but I get this error

Cannot determine the column to bind to the parameter in clause 'User.Username = ?'

While the same code in a non-namespaced context works fine.

I known that there are better ways to do it, but I want to known why this fails

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Well-known problem:

The best way to solve your problem is to use an alias:

$u = \Entity\UserQuery::create('alias')
    ->where('alias.Username = ?', "john")

The following code should work as well:

$u = \Entity\UserQuery::create('alias')
    ->where('Entity\UserQuery.Username = ?', "john") // or ->where('\Entity\UserQuery.Username = ?', "john")

Regards, William

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I'm curious as to why you used the relational API instead of the ActiveQuery class, i.e. a mere \Entity\UserQuery::create()->filterByUserName('john')->findOne() would have surficed since this is a simple query without any joins, etc. –  Qiniso Feb 6 at 12:39

Specifying the 3rd parameter, binding type, helped me:

$u = \Entity\UserQuery::create()
    ->where('alias.Username = ?', "john", \PDO::PARAM_STR)
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