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I have made a windows based c#/.net 4.0 application in vs2010 and used the latest crystal reports for it. Then i needed to install a cr runtime on client's pc to execute the reports. But that works only on windows seven perfectly. But when i run it on windows xp on client end, it gives errors exceptions like crystaldecisions.shared.sharedutils etc error image

I don't know whats wrong with it. The same error occurs if we don't install cr run time on windows 7 based client's pc but after installing it there, this is removed and works very nicely.

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This looks like a 64 bit vs 32 bit problem. "BadImageFormatException" basically means you are trying to load a DLL that was compiled in a different "bitness" than your executable. – BrokenGlass Sep 2 '11 at 21:29
i installed 32 bit run time on xp, the problem should not be there, i have checked on windows seven on 32 bit pc as well, it works there. – Muhammad Atif Agha Sep 2 '11 at 21:31
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I have found the solution, error was that i was installing client's profile .net framework 4, but crystal reports viewer does not work in client profile, so when i installed a standalone full version of .net framework on client's end, it worked. I downloaded it from So, if you have your application in .net 4 with crystal reports, you must install .net framework 4 full, instead of client profile on client's pc, otherwise it would give strange exceptions and you would not find any solution as i did not, see no body answered.

Thanks Atif

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