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I'm building an app in CppBB6 that reads/writes data from/in a database. From a table called Students I want to extract the Name of a student using the given Index number (both Name and Index are fields in table Student) and afterwards I want to put that Name in a String or AnsiString variable.

I'm using this query to select the name:

AnsiString query;
query="SELECT Name FROM Students where Index='" + Edit1->Text + "'";

and it all checks out fine, but how do I put that Name in a variable? :/

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I'd guess something like

Edit1->Text = Query1->FieldByName("Name")->AsString;

or in case you really only have one field and/or know index of the field(s) then

Edit1->Text = Query1->Fields[0]->AsString;

And as Ken White suggest in comments - one should really use parameterized queries for safety and perfomance reasons, something like

Query1->SQL->Add("SELECT Name FROM Students where Index = :idx");
Query1->ParamByName("idx")->AsString = Edit1->Text;
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+1. You should probably add a mention of using parameterized queries instead of string concatenation, just as an addition. :) –  Ken White Sep 2 '11 at 22:13
thnx, solved my problem :) –  sikac Sep 2 '11 at 22:35
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