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I am using Rails 3.1 and am working on a discussion forum. I have a model called Topic, each of which has many Posts. When the user makes a new topic, they should also make the first Post as well. However, I am not sure how I can do this in the same form. Here is my code:

<%= form_for @topic do |f| %>
    <%= f.label :title, "Title" %><br />
    <%= f.text_field :title %>

<%= f.fields_for :post do |ff| %>
        <%= ff.label :body, "Body" %><br />
        <%= ff.text_area :body %>
<% end %>

    <%= f.submit "Create Topic" %>
<% end %>

class Topic < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :posts, :dependent => :destroy
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :posts
  validates_presence_of :title

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :topic
  validates_presence_of :body

... but this doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas?


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@Pablo's answer seems to have everything you need. But to be more specific...

First change this line in your view from

<%= f.fields_for :post do |ff| %>

to this

<%= f.fields_for :posts do |ff| %>  # :posts instead of :post

Then in your Topic controller add this

def new
  @topic =

That should get you going.

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+1 for actual example. – Joseph Aug 9 '13 at 15:52

A very good explanation from Ryan Bates here and here

For your particular case: you are using a model (:post), instead of an association (:posts) when you call fields_for.

Also check for the proper use of <%= ... %>. In rails 3.x the bahaviour of the construct changed. Block helpers (form_for, fields_for, etc) dont need it, and inline helpers (text_field, text_area, etc) do need it.

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Thanks for the link, but I was looking for something specific to my question. – jasonbogd Sep 4 '11 at 3:51

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