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I am using loading indicator with background image and label.

IBOutlet UIActivityIndicatorView *isLoading;
IBOutlet UIImageView *isLoadingImageView;
IBOutlet UILabel *loadingLabel;

In my app this loading set is called like 5 6 times from different controllers. Is there any easy way to write a class like:IndicatorClass and class methods like:showLoadingSet hideLoadingSet to bring this set infront of my view. For example in mapController, i just only want to call [IndicatorClass showLoadingSet] and [IndicatorClass hideLoadingSet].

What I am doing is that I am creating IBOutlets for each controller, it is totally waste of time.

Is there any suggestion?


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You can have a peak at the MBLoadingHUD example. It sounds like you are trying to implement something similar to this. If not, you can always see how that class is used.

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Thank you very much, just the what i am looking for – Nacrug Sep 3 '11 at 9:14

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