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According to this: http://jsperf.com/fors-vs-while/15 running loops in reverse in javascript yield much faster results. Has anyone heard of or tried decoding Base64 strings using javascript in reverse?

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Don't get sucked into a performance fallacy here. The only two comparable tests relevant to forward vs. reverse I can see on that page are "for loop, cached length" and "for loop, reversed". And these two loops are virtually identical in performance. The other loops are all doing vastly different things and hardly allow any decision to be made about whether a "forward" or "reverse" loop is faster. –  deceze Sep 3 '11 at 1:45
reverse is supposed to be faster since it's comparing to false rather than an integer. These are micro-optimizations though –  goatslacker Sep 3 '11 at 1:48
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The algorithm would be something like :

   1. Pad the input string to a multiple of 3 characters
   2. Initialize an empty results array 
   3. Looping backwards in the input string taking 3 chars at a time
   4.    convert 3 chars to the 4 Base64 equivalent
   5.    unshift the Base64 string to the results array
   6. Return the join of the results array.
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