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I just installed the Perl EPIC plugin for Eclipse 3.7. The debugger itself is working fine and I can step through my code. However I am unable to see any variables. Eclipse is reporting this error in the Error Log:

An error occurred while parsing debugger variables; contents of the Variables view may be inaccurate. Failure caused by string: {NS00000003$^AS00000002''NS00000003$^DS000000010NS00000003$^ES00000043'The system could not find the environment option that was entered'NS00000003$^FS000000012NS00000003$^HS00000003256NS00000003$^LS00000003''NS00000003$^OS00000009'MSWin32'NS00000003$^PS00000003831NS00000010$^RE_TRIE_MAXBUFS0000000565536NS00000003$^SS000000011NS00000007$^TAINTS000000010NS00000009$^UNICODES000000010NS00000003$^VS00000007v5.10.0

There's a whole lot more which is just a bit much to be posting here so I've posted it over on PasteBin here:

My perl script is pretty basic stuff:

$x = "hello world";
print "$x";

I'm running:

  • Eclipse 3.7
  • EPIC 0.5.46 - downloaded and installed via the Eclipse software manager from
  • ActiveState Perl: v5.10.0 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64

I've made sure PadWalker is installed and working properly.

I also checked to make sure this wasn't an issue and it isn't ( is fixed).

What could be wrong?

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As a wild guess, I'd suggest checking to make sure the location of your perl.exe is specified to Eclipse, and that your %PATH% variable references it. If you're unable to solve the issue, I'd highly recommend Padre ( Best of luck.

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Thanks. Eclipse knows where perl.exe is and can hit breakpoints just fine, it's just unable to show variables. I'll give Padre a spin though. – Kev Sep 5 '11 at 21:47

You have to install the "testing" EPIC version. version 6.41

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