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I am learning how to develop an R package. Everything goes well, thanks to the R manuals and this wiki for RUnit. More precisely, when I launch my unit tests within a new R console, all tests finish successfully:

testSuite <- defineTestSuite("current", "~/src/mypkg/inst/unitTests/")
isValidTestSuite  # returns TRUE
runTestSuite(testSuite)  # returns Number of errors: 0 and Number of failures: 0

However, when I launch them in a terminal, I got one error (the function in question uses the package GenomicRanges that I installed in "~/src/Rlibs"):

$ make test R_LIBS="~/src/Rlibs/"
ERROR in test.MyFunction: Error in match(x, table, nomatch = 0L) :
  'match' requires vector arguments

I don't see what is causing this error. I guess you will need more info about the code and the test, but it's not easy because I don't know how to replicate this error on a small example without making a new package just for this. Maybe some of you will have an idea about this error message and give me some hints?

Edit: to help someone to give me a hint on the error, here is the code I wrote for a dummy package. The aim is to find which items of "p" are included within items of "g".

Here is the test:

test.MyFunction <- function(){
  g <- list(c1=data.frame(name=c("g1","g2"), start=c(11,1111),
                  end=c(500,1500), strand=c("+","+"), stringsAsFactors=FALSE))
  p <- list(c1=data.frame(name=c("p1","p2"), strand=c("+","-"),
                   start=c(11,601), end=c(20, 610), stringsAsFactors=FALSE))
  exp <- list(c1=list(g1=c("p1")))  # item "p1" is included in item "g1"
  obs <- MyFunction(g, p)
  checkEquals(obs, exp)

And here is the function itself:

MyFunction <- function(g, p){
  res <- lapply(names(g), function(c.name){
    res.c <- list()
    nb.g <- length(g[[c.name]]$name)

    if(length(.find.package("GenomicRanges", quiet=TRUE)) > 0){
      g.ranges <- GRanges(seqnames=Rle(c(c.name), c(nb.g)),
                              g[[c.name]]$end, names=g[[c.name]]$name),
      p.ranges <- GRanges(seqnames=Rle(c(c.name), nrow(p[[c.name]])),
                               p[[c.name]]$end, names=p[[c.name]]$name),
      for(g.name in names(g.ranges)){
        links <- p.ranges %in% g.ranges[names(g.ranges) == g.name]
        if(sum(links) > 0)
          res.c[[g.name]] <- names(p.ranges)[which(links)]
    } else{
      msg <- "can't find package GenomicRanges"
      stop(msg, call.=FALSE)

  names(res) <- names(g)
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I don't know what the problem is, but it may be caused by something in your .Rprofile. You could try running R --vanilla and see if it behaves differently. –  Owen Sep 3 '11 at 4:53
@Owen I tried but it doesn't work either. In fact, if I launch it like that, I can't even use --vanilla because R needs to read at least my ~/.Renviron to find the package GenomicRanges (via the env variable R_LIBS). –  tflutre Sep 3 '11 at 18:44
Could you tell us what type of object is returned by GRanges()? ie, the output of str(p.ranges), str(g.ranges) –  Brandon Bertelsen Sep 3 '11 at 20:11
@BrandonBertelsen the output of str(g.ranges) is too big to be shown here, but here is the beginning: Formal class 'GRanges' [package "GenomicRanges"] with 7 slots -> (1) @ seqnames: Formal class 'Rle' [package "IRanges"] with 5 slots, (2) @ ranges: Formal class 'IRanges' [package "IRanges"] with 6 slots, (3) @ strand: Formal class 'Rle' [package "IRanges"] with 5 slots, (4) @ seqinfo: Formal class 'Seqinfo' [package "GenomicRanges"] with 3 slots, (5) @ elementMetadata: Formal class 'DataFrame' [package "IRanges"] with 6 slots, (6) @ elementType: chr "ANY", and (7) @ metadata: list(). –  tflutre Sep 3 '11 at 21:24

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I think this line is your culprit

links <- p.ranges %in% g.ranges[names(g.ranges) == g.name].

%in% is match, and that's what the error message seems to be reading:

ERROR in test.MyFunction: Error in match(x, table, nomatch = 0L) :
  'match' requires vector arguments

There is something about p.ranges and g.ranges that it doesn't like. ie, they can't be coerced to vectors OR you're not subsetting properly and the object type is incorrect ([ or [[).

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thanks, I will see what I can do to change this specific line, but it's still unclear to me why this line works when executed interactively in the R console, but not otherwise... –  tflutre Sep 5 '11 at 23:35
I've seen this error before. It happens to me when I run line-by-line code vs. inside a function. It's always something to do with passing the wrong object class to a function that doesn't understand it. The error message says it all, and from what I can see - this is the only line that uses %in% aka match. –  Brandon Bertelsen Sep 6 '11 at 4:51

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