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I have a normal foreach call foreach($users as $k=>$user): in my view.

However in this loop i need to call a function from either my controller or model (not sure where), that goes and runs a few other web based checks and returns an array as a result...

How do i call a function from within my foreach loop inside my view? Or is there another way i am unaware of?

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Possible duplicate of Can I call a Model from a View? and many similar questions. foreach is irrelevant to the question. –  deceze Sep 3 '11 at 6:16

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you are breaking MVC. You should have all the data readied in the controller, before rendering the view.

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CakePHP has a basic MVC (Model, View, Controller) concept. If you call a controller or model from a view, you do something they don't wan't let you do.

It's a better practice to create a helper, which you can access from the view.

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