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I have an .html.erb document that has a javascript section at the bottom. Ordinarily Textmate recognizes the <script> tag and converts everything inside to its Javascript(Rails) format.

To cut down on <script> tags I enclosed this js code in:

# lots of html.erb above...

<% content_for :footer_js do %>
lots of javascript
<% end %>

How can I tell Textmate to show the correct highlighting for this Javascript(Rails) section of code?

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https://gist.github.com/1018085/1049531ca917fa71141dc5e3b7bd7016adaef37d Shows how to do it. You'll just need to change the regex that matches :inline_js to your :footer_js

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I have also looked for this answer, but after much research, I'm not sure it's possible unless you edit a bundle to add this functionality.

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