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What is the windows equivalent of the unix command " ulimit -n" ?

Basically, i want to set the maximum fd limit via command prompt.

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hmm... I may have been wrong before - setmaxstdio (see here) - but it is per-process, not system wide.

I may be wrong, but I didn't think there was a limit to set in Windows... but unless you can say how this relates to programming, I expect this answer will be closed soon.

If you are in the "IT Pro" area (rather than development), then there is a sister-site, serverfault.com - coming soon for this type of question.

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The only limit I know of is more likely related to the maximum number of kernel handles - this seems to be something in the range of 100000, but this allows for all manner of things not including files –  1800 INFORMATION Apr 8 '09 at 9:13

I don't believe that current Windows O/S have a limit on the total number of file descriptors, but the MS runtime library (msvcrt.dll) has a per process limit of 2048, albeit as far as I know that's not enforced by the O/S.

It can allegedly be increased only by building your own version of the MS runtime library from source.

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