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I am a bit stumped. I have the following integration test:

require "spec_helper"

describe "/foods", :type => :api do
  include Rack::Test::Methods

  let(:current_user) { create_user! }
  let(:host) { "" }

  before do
    @food = FactoryGirl.create_list(:food, 10, :user => current_user)

  context "viewing all foods owned by user" do

    it "as JSON" do
      get "/foods", :format => :json

      foods_json = current_user.foods.to_json
      last_response.body.should eql(foods_json)
      last_response.status.should eql(200)

      foods = JSON.parse(response.body)

      foods.any? do |f|
        f["food"]["user_id"] ==
      end.should be_true

      foods.any? do |f|
        f["food"]["user_id"] !=
      end.should be_false


  context "creating a food item" do

    it "returns successful JSON" do
      food_item = FactoryGirl.create(:food, :user => current_user)

      post "/foods.json", :food => food_item

      food = current_user.foods.find_by_id(food_item["id"])
      route = "#{host}/foods/#{}"

      last_response.status.should eql(201)
      last_response.headers["Location"].should eql(route)
      last_response.body.should eql(food.to_json)



I've added the required Rack::Test::Methods to get me the last_response method but it doesn't seem to work right. last_response always seems to show me sign_in page even though I've already signed in.

If I remove Rack::Test::Methods last_response goes away and I can use response instead and I get the current response. Everything seems to works ok.

Why is this? Where is the response method coming from? Can I use response to get the previous response from the session?

I need to use the last_response, or something similar, for

last_response.headers["Location"].should eql(route)

so that I can match the routes. If it weren't for this I would be set.

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What's the code for login - is that an rspec defined method or did you define it somewhere else? Does the login page require a redirect to work? If so put follow_redirect! after the login code. – iain Sep 12 '11 at 16:25
What is the solution you came up with? I work with the Ticketee example as well but still last_response does not contain the response I expect? Also, do not forget to mark one of the answers. – JJD Dec 21 '12 at 18:03

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response is automatic for certain spec types.

Rspec probably mixes ActionController::TestCase::Behavior for :type => :api blocks.
response would come from ActionController::TestCase::Behavior, as it does for :type => :controller blocks.

If you want to get the response before that given by response, try storing it in a variable before you make the next request. and give some information about what is mixed in with some of the various spec types.

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I had the same issue, my specs were not working when I put them in spec/controllers, when I moved the API specs to a separate folder I did not get this error – shicholas Apr 24 '13 at 18:14

I think that login(current_user) does not work with Rack::Test::Methods. You need a way to authenticate through your API call, perhaps with an authentication token.

response is tied to ActionController, which knows about your login. If I am not mistaken, API calls are independent of the Controller, so it doesn't know that you are already logged in.

See Ticketee, the example app from Rails 3 in Action, for an example!

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