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You know and I know it is possible to do in Java, provided only one is public. But, is it possible to do so in Groovy ? And if so under which conditions ?

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public class A{
Integer a=2

public class B{
Integer b=3+new CB().cb

private class CB{
Integer cb=2

assert new A().a+new B().b==7

Yes you can put them all in one file and just use them as you want in you main task... or what do you mean by "which conditions" ?

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Suppose I use to work Java-style and I create a main static method in one of these classes. Will it be usable ? –  Riduidel Sep 3 '11 at 15:36
Private top-level classes are prohibited since Groovy 2.0 –  Dónal Dec 9 '13 at 22:39

The differences between Java and Groovy in terms of which classes you can put in a single file are:

  • MyFile.groovy can have multiple public classes, whereas MyFile.java can only have one
  • MyFile.java must have a class MyFile, whereas there is no such requirement for MyFile.groovy
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