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I am new to jmeter, i want to know the use of http authentication using jmeter. i pass user name and password in the http request as well as authentication manager, but i can't get the response of index page.


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Authentication depends on how your web app is expecting credentials.

If it's parameters through the HTTP request, the authentication manager won't work for you.

If it's server authentication, then follow the link below. (Server authentication is when your web browser gives you a pop-up box to login, instead of a webpage form)


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In case credentials are being passed as parameters, a solution that worked for me is setting JMetter in proxy mode so samples are automatically generated based on browser interactions with the web application. You might need to make some modifications to the resulting samples (in particular you'll want to add a HTTP Cookie Manager), but you'll have a test plan that reproduces the desired interactions. Helpful links:

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