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I have a need to keep the browser url fixed for a page doing ajax calls on user actions but still have the back button work. Deep linking is not a need....that can't work with a fixed url obviously

I have tried something like

  • On the ajax call, first use $.address.value(some call specific url) and then right after that set the url back to fixed url using $.address.value(fixed url). That does make the address bar always display the fixed url (as required)

  • THen I have a listener $.address.externalChange that only recognizes the some call specific url, loads that page and sets the url back to the fixed url.

That works more or less, but the ugly thing is that the browser tab, under its url history has a sequence of fixed url, specific url, fixed url, specific url, ....

Would be good if I could get rid of the fixed url's in the browsers tab url history.

Basically, I guess, I want standard address plugin behavior, but also I would like to override the url in the address bar without impacting the stored history

Not sure this is clear :( ...but if it is, any guidance would be warmly welcomed.



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Well you need to insert an iframe more information about this you find here:


more information on SO: What is the best back button jQuery plugin?

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Thanks for the tip. I am trying to get my head around the code from positionabsolute.net/blog/2007/07/… but I have the impression that is actually not functioning on Safari 5.1 (back button is not working) –  peter Sep 4 '11 at 13:39

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