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I am using rails 3.0 and factory_girl 1.3. I have 2 factories in my factories.rb file which are as follows:-

Factory.define :user do 
    login_id 'Test'
    email 'test@url.com'
    password 'test1234'

Factory.define :product do
    sequence(:name) {|n| "product#{n}" }


Now I have one attribute owner in product, which has validates_presence_of and validates_inclusion_of User.all validations inside Product.rb (i.e. Product model). So, if Test is a user we can use Test as valid owner otherwise it will fail. So, my question is How to use owner inside product factory, while running the ProductControllerTest it will be pre populated as a valid owner?

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In the following link you will found deep digging of your problem and it's solution.

How do I able to create a user before initialization of model

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