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I started this website last year, along with a facebook page.

I just implemented some more facebook features into my website, which used an app's ID to authenticate with facebook servers.

Is there a way I can merge both? When users click on the App link on the wall posts my App made, they get taken to the App page, which is empty.

Mainly, I want to keep the URL, and when people click on the App page, it would have the URL. It would be a bonus if I could import all the original facebook pages' content, too.

Or, make the App link on wall posts on users page to link to the original page instead.

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Gosh, I'm guessing the -1 was for the api tag. Stackoverflow made me do it. I couldn't think of a more relevant "non facebook related tag", which stackoverflow forced me to add before allowing me to submit. – Eric Sep 4 '11 at 15:47

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Please be aware that as of Feb 1st Application Profile Pages are GONE !

Removing App Profile Pages

As for your questions, the link above contains the information about the migration process

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