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Does anyone have a simple maven sample Struts/JSP application to login/logout and navigate over a couple of pages to share? Thanks.

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This may help you:… – Steven Benitez Sep 3 '11 at 20:07
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I could not find an answer on the net/googling, so I created the project myself as following:

  1. I created a simple maven web application project from NetBeans.
  2. I downloaded the Struts Hello World example from here (see bottom of the page).
  3. I copied the code in the code section of my maven project. Ditto for resources.
  4. Then, I dragged and dropped the content of the /StrutsHelloWord/WebContent/ folder in the /Web Pages folder of my NetBeans projects.
  5. I removed the index.jsp page from my project.
  6. There is a bug in the struts.xml file. The <action name="login" method="authenticate"... line should be corrected to <action name="login" method="execute"...

Then, the project compiled and ran fine.

This project does not include a logout page, but it is a start.

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