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I have 1000+ images with filenames like this "300_03e05a1f5fb83bc113edaa898b2c46f3.jpg" and I need to get rid of first 4 characters (300_) of each filename. I could not find any tool for Mac that can do that and I dont know appropriate terminal command. Can anyone help me?


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You can write a c++ application if you know c++

Get all the imiges in one folder and then run a loop that runs through each file with the help of this

Then rename the files using a c++ function rename(oldname, newname);

oldname, for example, will be 300_03e05a1f5fb83bc113edaa898b2c46f3.jpg and new name will be

string newname = ""; 
newname += oldname.substr(4, oldname.length() - 4);`

documentation on rename - .

another solution -

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If you create a bash file (don't forget to chmod a+x) and use ${1:6} that will strip the first six characters. For example, if you put this in

echo ${1:6}

Then, type:

find . -name "*.jpg" -exec ./ {} \;

To see the results. Notice that I'm stripping the first 6 to get rid of the leading "./". To strip off the first four, just use ${1:4} - note that ${1} is the first argument being passed in to the file.

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I'm not an mac expert, but you can have a look over here.

Alternatively, you can try this.

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