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For now I'm using this:

(instance? clojure.lang.IDeref x)

...but I suspect there might be a better/more idiomatic way to do this.

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This is incorrect, you are checking if the object x implements the IDeref interface, which simply means you can dereference the object with the @ symbol. What you want is this:

 (instance? clojure.lang.Ref x)


(Adjusting for comments).

You can do what you suggested but this has the disadvantage of classifying objects made by other users that extend IDeref to be considered a reference type. Also consider that vars also behave as reference types but do not use the IDeref interface.

There are two good options here. You can either write a function that uses an or statement:

 (def ref? [x] 
    (or (instance? clojure.lang.Ref x)
        (instance? clojure.lang.Agent x)

Or you can use protocols to define a new predicate. This has the advantage of being extensible.

 (defprotocol Ireference? (reference? [this]))

 (extend-type java.lang.Object Ireference? (reference? [this] false))
 (extend-type nil Ireference (reference? [this] false))
 (extend-type clojure.lang.Ref Ireference? (reference? [this] true))
 (extend-type clojure.lang.Agent Ireference? (reference? [this] true))

 ;;user=> (reference? nil)
 ;;user=> (reference? (ref 0))

For another example see http://dosync.posterous.com/51626638

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I would also go one step further and make it a new predicate like (defn ref? [x] (instance? clojure.lang.Ref x)) –  skuro Sep 3 '11 at 22:17
bmillare: I was actually asking about all "references" not just "ref", and afaik, the term "references" include refs, atoms and agents. –  Stathis Sideris Sep 5 '11 at 10:11
Also note that you can't use case with class literals like that: (case (class "hi") String true false) -> false –  Dave Ray Sep 5 '11 at 17:13
fixed the class literal problem –  bmillare Sep 5 '11 at 21:47
the (extend-type nil Ireference? (reference? [this] false)) is missing the first question mark. btw thanks. Any idea why there is no reference? function in clojure.core? –  phreed Jul 2 at 14:23

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