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I know there is a PHP class for accessing Webdav. How do I modify the code below to allow the users to click on the files to download?

if (!class_exists('webdav_client')) {

$wdc = new webdav_client();
// use HTTP/1.1
// enable debugging

if (!$wdc->open()) {
  print 'Error: could not open server connection';

// check if server supports webdav rfc 2518
if (!$wdc->check_webdav()) {
  print 'Error: server does not support webdav or user/password may be wrong';

$dir = $wdc->ls('/');
foreach($dir as $e) {
  $ts = $wdc->iso8601totime($e['creationdate']);
  $line = sprintf('<tr><td>%s </td><td>%s </td><td>%s </td><td>%s </td><td>%s </td><td>%s </td><td>%s </td><td>%s </td><td>%s </td></tr>',
          date('d.m.Y H:i:s',$ts),
  print urldecode($line);
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It appears as though the relevant href is already being printed out for consumption by the browser. Yes?

If that's the case, then you're going to need to set up a server capable of handling the requests for those files.

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