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Just installed the Silverligh 5 SDK RC. There is a problem using it inside a project that uses the Async CTP.

Both AsyncCtpLibrary_Silverlight.dll and mscorlib.dll contains the Task type (And some other Task related types) that is sitting in the exact same namespace.

Here is the error msg:
enter image description here

So to solve this ambiguity I changed the Alias on the AsyncCtpLibrary_Silverlight.dll to "AsyncCtp". And then changed the cs file accordingly:

    extern alias AsyncCtp;
    using AsyncCtp::System.Threading.Tasks;
    using AsyncCtp::System.Threading;

This seems to solve the ambiguity problem, but now the "async" keyword is not recognized. These are the related errors:
enter image description here

enter image description here

Is there a way around it, or is it a dead end ?

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The only way around it would be to recompile the AsyncCtpLibrary_Silverlight.dll and remove all the TPL types from there. But I wouldn't bother... Check out the announcement at the Async CTP forum:

We are working on an update of the Async CTP. This will:

  • Address installation issues, where the current Async CTP can no longer be installed onto a fully-patched VS2010 SP1;

  • Provide compatibility with Silverlight 5;

  • Provide compatibility with background agents in Windows Phone apps.

We are working on this now, and will post the release here as soon as it’s available.

Update: Async CTP v3 was released with Silverlight 5 support: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/pfxteam/archive/2011/11/01/10232099.aspx

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