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Is it possible to launch a new window in JavaScript using the window.Open function, then set the focus to that tab?

Here's what I'm doing today:

    		var winRef =,wName,'left='+ wX +',top=' + wY + ',height=' + wH + ',width=' + wW + args);
    		try {
    			// Not all window types support the focus() property.
    		catch (exception) {

The window opens, but the new tab doesn't receive focus.

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You are seeing designed behavior. To limit opportunities for malicious behavior, scripts running in tabbed windows cannot affect other tabs.

For more information, please see Tabbed Browsing for Developers at :

"The ability to open multiple documents within the same browser window has certain practical and security implications [...] Active tabs (tabs with focus) cannot be affected by scripts that run in inactive or background tabs."


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As a user, I never want applications (or tabs) to take focus unless I specifically requested it. I have gone to great lengths to prevent tabs in my browser (Firefox) from taking focus for this reason.

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I'm reasonably certain you can't shift focus to another tab.

My understanding is this is done to somewhat limit pop ups and other malicious content from stealing the users focus.

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If the other "tab" is part of your application (and not content from another site) perhaps you should include it in a popup div on top of your main content instead of in a separate window; that way you can always control focusing it, deactivating the content under it (for modal dialogs), hiding it, etc.

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As a user, shouldn't I be able to control how this operates?

What if there is an application that would be enhanced by this feature that I want to run - shouldn't I be able to grant a domain that privilege?

Just a thought.

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