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I'm trying to make a tool that can measure the quality of a fax file, comparing the received one with the one sent. I tried Phase_Correlation software, in order to see if the images are similar... but it's not enough. My purpose is to evaluate if the fax is legible after the transmission. Any ideas? Is there any way of comparing two tiffs? pdfs? or image files?

Thanks a lot

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In the text case, why not just OCR the fax and then check the failure ratio?

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There are lots of bitmap comparison tool around. PDFs can be compared too, using a paid version of Acrobat at least (there may be other paid/free tools but I haven't used anything else).

Comparison typically requires a set of metrics against which you will test. Do you have a well defined criteria?

Typical bitmap comparison tools will tell you which pixels are different. This can act as a high-level overview but no more.

Quality testing of the content only can be spread across many levels:

reproduction quality



font recognition


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