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I am in the process of converting a good sized 4 site to MVC3 and I am having trouble with the helper functions in razor partial views. So I wanted to try Spark but after using NuGet to install Spark in my project I don't see how to create a Spark view.

I am assuming that Razor and Spark will co-exist in the same project? If that is not true, then that is probably my problem.

When I treid to create a new view I expected to see Spark in the View Engine drop down on the Add View dialog. Only razor and aspx show up.

I have restarted vs2010 several times now and I shouldn't need to reboot.

Any suggestions?

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Take a look at the following blog post.

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I started with that blog post. After your entry I went back to verify that the ViewEngine.xml file was actually there and it wasn't. Recreated that file, double checked that the file existed and now it works, thanks, – Scott Norberg Sep 4 '11 at 13:36

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