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I want to prevent TinyMCE from converting linebreaks (pasted from notepad for example) into <br>'s. Thats because I want to post code snippets inside <pre> tags, and I don't want to have <br>'s in there.

I already tried several TinyMCE settings in the config without success:

force_p_newlines : false,
force_br_newlines : false,
remove_linebreaks : false,
convert_newlines_to_brs : false

After submiting the content TinyMCE still converts all of my linebreaks. I'm using TinyMCE 3 with umbraco CMS.

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Problem solved. It seems to be an Firefox/TinyMCE related bug. The described symptoms only appear when using Firefox. Tested Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 9 and it works.

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